dead by daylight disconnected from host anti cheat

Phone call podcast with a good friend of my and fellow veteran Brendan Finn. Brendan is in PA school and served as a Special Operations Combat Medic and Provider. Brendan has been on multiple combat deployments to include Iraq and Afghanistan.
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Closed Captions for CHAT replay!
Games played: | Dark Souls 00:00:00 | Just Chatting 05:56:41 | Talk Shows & Podcasts 05:56:55 | Layers of Fear 2 06:26:39 | Worms Armageddon 07:05:56 | (Taken from Twitch API)
Original full title: 🦀 TWITCH IS GONE 🦀 Dark Souls – All Achievements Speedruns! @Elajjaz Twitter_Instagram

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